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The essentials of the SaaS Industry

Being able to scale your business within the SaaS industry is not easy. Companies are always searching for better and more up-to-date technology and talent. So, to thrive in this industry, you must innovate.

What’s one of the first things your business needs to grow? Talent! With our SaaS staffing agency capacity, we can find the right software development professionals to boost your company’s efficiency.

Sounds easy? Well, that’s because it is!

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Tech professionals

Is your tech team at capacity? Are you finding it difficult to attract and retain qualified SaaS talent at your company?  

Work with us at Lean Tech, a division of Lean Solutions Group dedicated to placing highly efficient teams to further your software development efforts. Our tech-savvy professionals are eager to boost your business and help you stay one step ahead.

Our top positions

Back-end developers
Front-end developers
Quality assurance Engineers
UI / UX Designers
Project management
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Why work with Lean?

What our clients are saying…

“My experience with LSS has been amazing! Even from the very first day, LSS has shown a level of support for their staffers unrivaled compared to other companies I have worked for, both here in Colombia and the U.S. I love it here at LSS and look forward to growing with the company"

James Schaaf
Account Supervisor

“LSS is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked at. Since day one, I’ve been able to challenge myself by learning new aspects of the business and having the opportunity to lead new and challenging projects. One of the most remarkableaspects of working for LSS is the support given by all areas within the company.”

Laura Aguirre
Account Manager

“Right from my interview, I knew LSS was going to positively impact my career. It's been an educational and fulfilling experience working for a company that provides a good platform for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated […] There is no stagnation at any level, and it's more like a path of continuous improvement.”

Gloria Sierra
Account Manager

"I have been working at Lean Staffing since 2018, and it has been a road full of many opportunities that have allowed me to grow professionally starting in a data entry position until becoming an Account Manager. Throughout these years, LSS has allowed me to find and improve my skills in the face of daily challenges and work comfortably in a place where the work environment and stability are essential. Considering that every day is full of new things to learn, I am very grateful to be part and lead of one of the most demanding accounts where day by day, we keep growing, learning, and offering the same opportunities to people who want to be part of this journey."

Yadith Caballero
Account Manager

"I started at LSS back in 2017, and it's been a remarkable journey full of ups and downs, every up made feel motivated and confident of myself, while every down gave me a tough learning lesson that at the end made me a better professional without even realizing […] I also had the chance to visit a client's headquarters in New Jersey and meet their team.

Ruben Escorcia
Account Manager

“As a lawyer, I've always known that there is no better accomplishment than placing your knowledge and effort to benefit society on a large scale. Notwithstanding, as Colombian lawyers, we are conditioned by our legal system's language, dynamics, and legislation, which present barriers for us to seek out and fight for equality and justice. Working for Lean BPO has provided me, and hundreds of other hardworking life-changing people, to overcome these barriers and positively impact the lives of thousands of people worldwide. I have been able to grow within a company that has been expanding exponentially. A company that's owes its growth to the professionalism and outstanding human quality of its team members.”

Jorge Magdaniel
CO Legal Manager

"I am very grateful to work in a company like Lean Staffing! Since day one, I have always felt part of a huge family. I started my journey in 2019 in a training room full of expectations since it was my first job within the industry. I started as a track and tracer, and it was there where LSS believed in me, and I was promoted to First Shift Supervisor.”

Dominique Arias
Operations Manager

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