Logistics Solutions to Overcome Workforce Disruptions

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Bridging the staffing gap with our nearshore solutions

The transportation and logistics industry has been in a perpetual disruption phase since the pandemic hit back in 2020. And even though businesses are working hard to get back to pre-pandemic workflows, there’s still a long way to go.  

Now more than ever, companies are searching for the best strategy to overcome disruption. Finding a trusted staffing partner with readily available talent to fill in the operational gaps is the right solution.

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Logistics Solutions

Our experience has allowed us to create an established process and solve all the hiring challenges: time, resources, stability, growth, simplicity, and scalability. We focus on essential areas of your business operations, allowing you to provide high-quality transportation services to your customers.
Unify all the moving parts of the process.
Provide accurate data to your clients.
Generate innovation through software implementation.
Provide quality and complete reliability.

Our logistics staffing positions

Track and Trace Representatives
Logistics Coordinators
Carrier Sales Representatives
Quality Assurance
Data entry
Customer Service
Driver Services

The Lean Staffing Experience

Our founders have run logistics and transportation companies for the course of their career, which in turn, gives LSG a unique and specialized view into the complex challenges of the industry regarding staffing, insight that helps us create tailored services for our customers.

Benefits of working with us

Streamlined set up process of offices in Colombia, Guatemala, and Philippines.
Cost reductions.
100% dedicated employees working for your company.
Quality Assurance.
Wide variety of logistics staffing positions.
Specialized training for your team.
A comanaged and flexible business model.

Leverage our entire suite of services

What if we told you Lean is not all about logistics staffing? We have created a suite of services tailored to our client’s needs, not just back-office positions but also software development, marketing, and business process outsourcing.

Lean TEch

Talented developers and tech professionals become the driving force behind the tools and technology you love. Stay ahead of the game by staffing technology experts to help your business ease its way into a more tech-driven logistics industry.


Staff specialized professionals to enhance your workforce and generate overall efficiencies. Let our professionals take care of your customer service, professional, and back-office needs.


We staff marketing professionals for your business, driving your brand forward, reaching a broader audience, and effectively telling your brand story. Designers, social media specialists, marketing coordinators, content producers, and many more positions that will help boost your overall marketing efforts.


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