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In a world filled with uncertainty, being able to scale up or down and adapt to changing conditions is essential, especially when it comes to the healthcare industry.  

The need for healthcare staffing is now more critical than ever. With our over ten years of workforce optimization experience and our established nearshore model, we are the strategic partner you are looking for to help your business stay ahead.


Are you finding it hard to scale without going over budget?
Are your hiring processes too slow to meet demands?
Do you need help finding the right talent?

Our Healthcare Staffing Services

Patient Services

Record management
Appointment scheduling
Medical labs back-office
Clinical psychologists
Our team is ready to handle your healthcare staffing needs and provide the best services for your clients.

Boost your Healthcare
Solutions with us!

Access highly trained agents.
Implement the right software for increased efficiency.
Focus on what you do best.
Avoid wasting time gathering and reviewing patient information.
At Lean, we take the burden off your shoulders by hiring the right talent and seamlessly connecting to your systems.

Leverage the entire
Lean suite of services

Want to know how else you can leverage Lean? Apart from healthcare staffing, we can provide highly efficient teams knowledgeable in software development that can become part of your engineering processes and help you implement the technology you need to thrive.


Is your company missing the edge that only marketing and advertising can provide? Don’t worry about the budget, we’ve got you covered! Through our Lean Marketing division, you’ll be able to access marketing agency services, and staff talented designers, social media experts, copywriters, and more!


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