TOP LOGISTICS COMPANY Hires Lean Tech to quickly scale their software development team

Partnering with a true tech partner makes scaling effortless

Since its foundation in 2019, Lean Tech has become a true technology partner with customers in the logistics sector. Our expertise enables us to understand our customer’s specific needs and provide unique talent to grow their software development teams.


In 2021, Lean Tech partnered with one of the top 100 logistics players in U.S. transportation.

The client (a 3PL) had a technology-focused culture and was searching for a way to grow its software development team to ensure they met their customers' needs.

Thanks to our established recruitment and hiring processes, Lean Tech found the perfect candidates and had them set up and ready to work in less than 30 days.

Want to find out exactly how Lean Tech was able to quickly grow this 3PL's software team?

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How does Lean Tech build highly efficient software development teams?

  • Expertise in the software development industry
  • Full responsibility for the onboarding process
  • Accessing the top 3% of Latin American talent
  • Bench pool of top technologies in the industry
  • Established software development
  • 40% faster hiring process
  • Single digit attrition rate