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Logistics Group International (LGI), a third-party transportation and logistics services company specializing in transporting oversized freight across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, wanted to increase its brand awareness through marketing substantially. Still, the company faced several challenges: a small marketing team, expensive agencies, and unqualified candidates.


The logistics company trusted Lean Solutions' marketing division to take care of their efforts to higher levels in four main areas: social media, blog content, website redesign, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

"Lean Marketing service providers are a breath of fresh air. We feel like they're a true partner. They genuinely care about the content that they provide. They genuinely care about the quality of information that they put out there. And they're always willing to jump on a call and offer help." - Brandon Bay, VP of Corporate Strategy & Marketing.


  • 200% increase in clicks on LGI’s social media and blog posts.
  • Quadrupled the audience across LGI’s social media platforms.
  • Tripled the engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments.
  • Increased website traffic by 45%.
  • Increase leads by 15%.
  • Lowered costs by 37%.
  • Cut time spent creating content by 40-65 hours a week.

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Specializing in generating brand awareness through comprehensive marketing strategies, Lean Marketing, a division of Lean Solutions Group, tripled LGI’s social media efforts, quadrupled their audience, and lowered costs by 37%.  

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