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At Lean Solutions Group, we want to be part of your professional journey and help you enhance your career path by working directly with a U.S.-based company. Broaden your professional expertise in fields like logistics, software development, marketing, and sales.


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Lean Solutions Group is more than just a place where you will work, we are a family, a growing community. We are focused on providing a safe environment where you will learn, express yourself and show your interests and capabilities.

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Our community is guided by a warrior mindset, representing an ability to specialize, collaborate, and fight relentlessly for common goals. We are a group of people united to make a positive impact everywhere they go! Learn more about how you can make a difference!


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Our Solutions


We provide talented bilingual professionals like you to play a fundamental role within the supply chain industry by taking care of the different stages of a load/freight, and at the same time building relationships within this amazing network. Working with established companies in the transportation and logistics industry will give you the tools you need to expand your international career to the highest level. Interested? Here are some of the positions we offer:

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    Logistics coordinator
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    Track and trace
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Our Solutions


Do you love technology as much as we do?
Get ready to boost your tech knowledge by developing software for companies within the logistics industry! Take your expertise to the next level and help companies automate their tasks and be more productive.

Let’s get started! Here are some positions you’ll be interested in:

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    Mid-level+/Senior - Full Stack React Node Developer
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    Mid-level - Helpdesk/Support Specialist
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    Mid-level/Senior Angular developer
Our Solutions


Telling stories and helping brands communicate their values is what the fantastic minds of Lean Marketing do. Join our team of young, talented, creative marketing professionals, and help us inject ideas into powerful marketing strategies to wow our customers and help them achieve their goals.

What are you passionate about?

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    Graphic Designer
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    Social Media Specialist
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    Marketing Strategist
Our Solutions


One of the most effective ways to ensure complete customer satisfaction is through supporting their needs with industry-savvy support services professionals.

Do you think you have what it takes to maintain incredible relationships with clients?

Apply now for our BPO positions:

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    BDR - Business Development Representatives
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    Customer Services
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    Professional Services
Our Solutions


Being successful at selling a customer’s product or service requires skill and perseverance.

The power of persuasion and a well-thought-out sales speech will allow you to engage with your prospects and turn them into a customer in no time.

Are you up for the task?

Apply now to our sales positions:

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    BDR - Business Development Representative
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    BDA - Business Development Associate