When to Consider Workforce Optimization?

Kathy Monroy
May 5, 2023

Current market dynamics demand flexibility and speed. Unfortunately, companies fall short of these customer needs due to a lack of capacity, labor costs, and high turnover rates, among other reasons.

Scaling in a complex market

To tackle these critical issues that stunt scalability, companies are steering towards workforce optimization, a strategic approach that enables organizations to align their workforce with business objectives, improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer service.  

One of the most effective ways to successfully engage in workforce optimization is by partnering with experts in this type of business strategy. Enter Lean Solutions Group, experts in staff augmentation. Working with Lean Solutions means companies can focus on their core business. At the same time, we build nearshore, offshore, or hybrid teams for a wide range of business areas in incredible locations at a lower cost but still maintaining high-quality service levels.

When should your company consider workforce optimization?

To ensure workforce optimization is the right fit for your business, you must consider the following:

Is your business looking to scale quickly?

Almost all companies are searching to scale seamlessly and recover what was lost over the past few years. Even though most are actively searching to grow and expand their business, many challenges keep them from doing so, from budget issues to time constraints. In a survey by Statista, 50% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States stated that scalability was their biggest challenge regarding growth.  

With workforce optimization, your business will leave these challenges behind and meet those growth projections. At Lean Solutions Group, we have the processes to build your mission-critical teams in 3-5 weeks, ensuring you have the right talent to keep your business moving forward.

Is it hard for your company to staff professionals for a specific area of your business?

Our efficient hiring processes and recruitment operations in Latin America and the Philippines allow us to find and vet top professionals for any business area, even the most hard-to-fill positions, as our core offering began as professionals for back-office tasks or entry-level positions. Our global talent pool makes recruitment easier as we find professionals eager to work and develop their careers with U.S.-based companies.    

Are you finding it hard to retain top talent?

Retaining talent has become increasingly complex during the past few years. Professionals are looking for value-adding experiences that allow them to further their career paths while still balancing their personal lives. With this in mind, to attract top talent, companies must be able to provide benefits that consider their professional and personal needs.  

At Lean Solutions Group, we were recognized with the Comparably award for Best Work-Life Balance and obtained the Great Place to Work Certification. These incredible accomplishments showcase our commitment to our employees and their personal development.  

Are you looking to reduce costs but still maintain quality?

Cost reduction is a vital element for business development. But in many cases, reducing cost can lead to decreased quality, ultimately leading to unsatisfactory performance. Optimizing your workforce with Lean Solutions Group allows you to access a vast pool of qualified talent from Latin America and the Philippines, reducing overall costs while maintaining top-quality levels.  

Do you want to see results fast?

In many cases, seeing results takes time. With Lean Solutions Group, you’ll instantly see how your operation flows seamlessly. In a matter of weeks, you’ll see the results. From our efficient recruitment process to seamless onboarding and quality assurance processes, your nearshore or offshore teams will execute their tasks effectively and ensure your objectives are met.  


Suppose your answer is yes to any of these questions. In that case, you can benefit considerably from engaging in workforce optimization with experts like Lean Solutions Group. With workforce optimization, you can seamlessly scale your business, access qualified talent, reduce costs, maintain high-quality levels, and see results fast.  

Interested in optimizing your workforce with experts? Learn more about workforce optimization here, and contact us to get started!


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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