How to Tell If Nearshore Staff Augmentation is Right for You

Susana Vargas
July 8, 2024

Nearshore Staff Augmentation is a powerful strategy for businesses looking to enhance their capabilities, access top talent, and expedite mission-critical initiatives. This strategy has become increasingly popular for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve productivity, with companies saving up to 40% on labor costs by hiring nearshore staff.

As the demand for lowering costs and job-ready talent continues to grow, understanding what nearshore staff augmentation can bring to your business is key.  

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Nearshore outsourcing is outsourcing your processes or services to a nearby country or region. Meanwhile, Nearshore Staff Augmentation emerges as an outsourcing approach aimed at enlisting remote resources possessing specialized skill sets.  

How Do You Know If You Need Nearshore Staff Augmentation?  

While staff augmentation might not be a universal solution for every company, business operations often unveil use cases where this approach becomes indispensable.

A nearshore staff augmentation service becomes essential when encountering challenges such as:

  • Talent Acquisition and Retention:  
  • Budget Constraints:  
  • Lack of In-House Specialized Talent:  
  • High-Volume Workload Periods:  
  • Lack of Control over Outsourced Processes

What to look for in a Nearshore Staff Augmentation Provider?

Success key lies in partnering with a reputable nearshore staff augmentation provider, like Lean Solutions Group.  

You should look for a partner with the following skills:

  • Prioritizing career development and creating growth opportunities for their workforce that are aligned with your business’ organizational needs.
  • Fostering knowledge rather than just providing services, highlighting the importance of a genuine partnership.
  • Shared values, ethics, and work styles to foster seamless collaboration.
  • Outstanding communication skills and proficiency in the languages used within your organization.
  • Recruitment, training, and onboarding talent is essential to getting teams to desired productivity with speed.

Checklist: How to Tell If Nearshore Staff Augmentation is Right for You.

Nearshore staff augmentation allows you to maintain full control over the management and decision-making, all while having the expertise and resources of the nearshore team.

A partner like Lean Solutions Group allows you to immediately reduce operational costs, while having uninterrupted workflow in the same time zones. We have over 10 years of Staff Augmentation Experience at Lean Solutions Group, which has allowed us to create efficient processes and successfully build mission-critical teams for over 500 U.S.-based companies.

This checklist provides you with essential steps to vet and collaborate with your nearshore partner effectively. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your nearshore team aligns with your expectations and achieves your business goals.

Download checklist here!


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