AI - Powered Marketing: Enhancing Campaign Performance

Susana Vargas
October 4, 2023

Can't open a browser, scroll through your social media feed, or even check your emails these days without being bombarded by the latest buzz about AI-powered marketing? You're certainly not alone, AI or Artificial Intelligence is everywhere we go.  

AI has become a driving force behind the next wave of marketing innovation, and it's reshaping the way businesses approach their campaigns. Approximately 77% of companies are either using of exploring the use of AI.

With the rising number of people using AI, it can be a bit overwhelming how to incorporate these many tools in your marketing efforts. Let’s explore the benefits of AI - Powered Marketing to enhance your campaigns’ performances.  

How AI Is Being Applied in Marketing

Among the many uses of AI in marketing, we can find data collection, learning customer behaviors, and analyzing information to help a business reach its goals. AI can even reach out to customers who have specific behavior on your website, like clicking a button or liking social media posts.

One remarkable example of the success of AI in marketing is ChatGPT, which achieved 100 million users faster than any other app. By February 2023, the website saw an average of 25 million daily visitors. More than 20% of all Americans will use ChatGPT at least once per month in 2024, according to Hootsuite.

In marketing efforts, ChatGPT is being used for:  

-Content Generation


-Email Marketing  

-Social Media Campaigns

And many more.

The rise of platforms like ChatGPT are just among the array of AI tools that marketers have welcomed into their toolkit, driven by the manifold advantages and benefits that they bring to their campaigns.  

Benefits of AI for Marketing Campaigns  

Among all the functions within a company, marketing stands out as having the greatest potential for benefiting from artificial intelligence.

The Role of AI is expanding even further across the marketing efforts and providing benefits such as:

Personalization at Scale  

One of AI's main benefits is the capability to create Hyper-personalized customer experiences, allowing marketers to analyze extensive amounts of data to comprehend individual preferences and behaviors.  

AI allows for the creation of highly targeted campaigns that resonate with consumers on a personal level.  According to VentureBeat, the top metrics for successful AI-driven personalization included accuracy (47%), speed of real-time data (44%), and customer retention or repeat purchases (44%).

Cost-effective and Time-efficient Marketing

Artificial intelligence tools save time and resources by automating tasks that in the past required many hours of work, such as copywriting, analyzing target audiences, and creating campaigns manually.  

According to a recent survey by McKinsey, AI can improve business efficiency by up to 40% and reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

Predictive Analytics

Numerous marketing tools harness the power of AI to forecast campaign performance by leveraging extensive user behavior data and historical interactions. This capability streamlines the process of foreseeing upcoming events and trends.

A staggering 95% of companies currently incorporate AI-powered predictive analytics into their marketing strategies, with 44% of them confirming full integration into their overall marketing strategy.

Chatbots and Customer Support

Good customer service is essential for any online business to thrive. Chatbots play a key role in providing personalized assistance. AI has a fantastic feature: chat services, where a bot answers user questions, making websites more user-friendly."

  • If you want to deepen your knowledge about How Chatbots can Improve your Costumer Service, visit our recent article.

Challenges of AI Marketing

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, AI is still a developing instrument, and many are afraid to use it because we are unsure about its scope. Some of the main challenges we face with AI are the following:  

  • The complexity of AI marketing tools demands a high level of technical expertise, and there currently needs to be more professionals to fill these positions.
  • There is a need for investment in training and development programs for employees to help bridge the existing skills gap.
  • Unintended consequences include violating privacy or improperly using sensitive consumer data without their consent or knowledge.
  • There are considerations about AI being used to perform micro-targeting that can influence individuals without their knowledge or consent.

According to, In 2021, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing was estimated at 15.84 billion U.S. dollars. The source projected that the value would increase to more than 107.5 billion by 2028, and regardless of the concerns, it is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence is a strength and a necessity for marketing teams today.

We must change our mindset and embrace the possibilities that come with new technologies. With Lean Marketing and AI, you can open doors to a wealth of possibilities for your marketing efforts.  

Our team excels in using AI tools to drive your business growth, especially when time is tight. It's essential to change our perspective and embrace the potential that new technologies bring. Contact us now and let’s work together to propel your business forward.  


Susana is a content creator with a passion for research. She has journalism and digital marketing as her professional background. Susana loves music, concerts, movies, and traveling. As a hobby, she collects vinyl records of all genres of music.

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